Baobab Mining and Chemicals Corporation SA, or BMCC, is a Senegalese company which controls a 1,553 square kilometer phosphate rock exploration concession in Senegal. Over the last three years, BMCC has drilled approximately 525 holes and collected 17,000 meters of samples of phosphates. The results of this exploration demonstrate that the concession will support both a small-scale mine, producing about 0.5 million tons of phosphate rock starting in 2016, and a larger, world-scale mine, that will take more time to develop.

Minemakers Ltd. (ASX:MAK), a publicly traded Australian junior mining company, has announced on 27 April 2015 that it has reached an agreement with Agrifos, whereby Agrifos will exchange its Baobab project for a significant position in the equity of Minemakers. Minemakers further announced on September 24, 2015 that the transaction was completed.