Agrifos is a group of privately owned fertilizer development companies. The owners of the Agrifos group have been involved in numerous transactions in the fertilizer sector and have owned and operated several fertilizer assets over the past decades. The Agrifos group is also active in agricultural projects in North and West Africa.

One of the more recent transactions was the sale of the group's Pasadena, Texas fertilizer plant to Rentech Nitrogen (NYSE:RNF) in November 2012. This sale came after Agrifos successfully implemented a new business plan converting the plant from producing phosphate fertilizers to ammonium sulfate.

Since the sale of its Pasadena asset, Agrifos has been focused on participating in and developing three fertilizer projects:

Baobab Mining and Chemicals - a phosphate mine and chemical complex to be located in the Republic of Senegal in West Africa owned through Avenira Limited

Gulf Coast Ammonia - an ammonia production facility to be located along the Texas Gulf coast 

Novaphos - investment in a technology company based in Florida